You’re Only Going to Live for 10,000 Days

Less than 12,000 waking days of your life are fully under your control.

To wit:

  • 70 years: adult female life expectancy (worldwide average)
  • -22 years: school (48 years left)
  • -16 years: sleep

Total: 32 waking years (48–16 = 32)

That means you have 11,680 waking days, or 280,320 waking hours. Doesn’t exactly feel the same as 70 years does it?

Which is not to say life isn’t still equally worthwhile. On the contrary: the bright side caveat of this countdown is that it doesn’t start until you’re 22 years old. So if you’re 30 years old that means you have 26.7 waking years left (or just under 10,000 waking days).

32 years is plenty of time to do amazing things; world-changing things. Still — I don’t know about you but — knowing less than 12,000 waking days of my life are fully under my control really makes me want to make every day count.